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This is mostly meant to act as an public archive. This saves some basic info and mirrors images for anime/manga on MAL, including unapproved, deleted, and denied entries. What is considered anime is not the same for all, and there are always shades of gray in how DB guidelines are interpreted. For example:
  • What percent of a work is required to be animated or containing unique animation (recaps, directors cuts)
  • Different types of animation - 2D, CGI, Rigged 3D/2D (Motion Capture, Live2D), AI animation, Stop Motion (claymation, shadow, paper cutouts, pixilation, light animation, using real objects)
  • What is considered anime geographically - Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, International Co-Productions (market focus, outsourced animation, creative input)
  • Format restrictions - Game cutscenes, Music Videos, Commercials, Recaps, VR Animation, 4D Attractions
  • Restrictions based on official/studio work vs. independent animation/doujinshi

Saving deleted and denied entries is useful for many reasons (re-submitting entries, for archiving what's been denied before, in case MAL ever drastically changes DB regulations (again)). If you just want a list of all the unapproved entries to check if you're not submitting a duplicate, see mal_unapproved.

For current Goals/TODOs, check the Github README