6.12.24 8:27 pm

My smart watch has failed to sync over bluetooth for the past few days, has once again reminded me of how much I hate debugging hardware/firmware.

I cannot deny that it is less convenient that I can’t use it as a music controller or quickly reply to texts, but I think I had sort of considered a smart watch an essential without weighing the downsides.

I particularly dislike getting interrupted, especially by useless notifications, and no matter where my phone is at home, having my watch connected means I can always be interrupted. I had even built up this pavlovian-esque trigger - I knew that whenever my phone vibrated, 4 seconds later my wrist would vibrate, so I would tense up a bit, waiting for it to happen.

There are definitely downsides, I have missed a few text messages but I am also not sure how obligated I should feel to be connected all the time. If the firmware/bluetooth ever fixes itself I will likely disable notifications on it.