Protien Bars

I like to carry a protien bar around with me in case I get hungry, so that Im not tempted to eat something much worse

A lot of these are sweetened with sugar alcohol, which feel like they affect my gut a bit in larger quantities. Probably not going to hit those unless Im eating 2+ of these bars a day, but I also dont like the taste of sweet things that much that I crave sugar alcohol as a replacement, so might as well just pick something that isn’t sweet.

I do not really care about taste, as long as the texture is not terrible (am okay with some flakiness). A lot of these bars double as candy bar replacements which Im not really into, too much sugar for me.

Ideally, Id get something with 15-20g of protien, some amount of fibre, no sugar alcohol, and no more than about 5g of sugar.

here are ones Ive tested:

  • pretty good:
    • aloha bars (these use monkfruit)
      • chocolate mint
      • peanut butter chocolate chip (6/10, 3g saturated fat, a bit too sweet and has milk)
      • peanut butter cup
      • chocolate fudge brownie
      • chocolate chip cookie dough
      • vanilla almond crunch (4/10, not enough flavor)
      • chocolate caramel pecan (5/10, too sweet)
      • lemon cashew (5/10, not enough lemon)
      • coconut chocolate (7/10 tastes good, but 7g of saturated fat)

good-ish, but not something I love:

  • misfits choc protien bar (15g protien, 5g fibre, 1g sugar alcohol)
  • barebells caramel cashew protien bar (20g protien, 3g fibre, 5g sugar alcohol)

too sweet, these are essentially eating candy bars and I dont need that much saturated fat or sweetness:

  • pure protien (9g sugar alcohol, 19g protien, 0g fibre)
  • quest protien bars
  • mre trail mix bar

not enough protien:

  • rxbar: 12g protien, 9g fat (mostly from nuts/chocolate) - I like the taste of these, but they’re not really a protien bar by my standards
  • clif bars: ~10g protien, 5g fibre, 20g sugar - these are more like a granola bar, and I dont really want that much sugar
  • core bat blueberry almond

ones Im not going to try:

  • clif builders - these have way too much sugar/saturated fat for me