The Programmers's Oath

Programmers Oath

  1. I will not produce harmful code

    • I will not release a defect
    • I will not make code for others harder to understand or change (soft-ware, easy to change)
  2. The code that I produce will always be my best work

    • I will not willingly release code that is defective either in behavior or structure
  3. I will provide with each release a quick, sure and repeatable proof that every element of the code works as it is supposed to

    • Write tests
  4. I will make frequent and small releases

  5. I will fearlessly and relentlessly improve at any opportunity, will not make the code worse

  6. I will keep productivity my own and my team high, I will do nothing that decreases that productivity

    • I will not damage the code, I will not make things worse
  7. I will continuously ensure, that others can cover for me and that I can cover for them

  8. I will produce estimates that are hones both in magnitude and precision, I will not make promises without certainty

  9. I will never stop learning and improving my craft